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Water Pill takes our #4 spot because it contains 2 of 4 recommended ingredients, utilizes the less efficient capsule delivery method, and does not have 24-hour customer suppor

Water Pill contains Juniper and Parsley, but does not contain Green Tea or Dandelion. They did add Uva Ursi, which is a good water-retention herb that did not make our list of recommended ingredients. We tend to prefer supplements with a short list of ingredients rather than capsules that cram everything they can into a formula, but in this case, we were not impressed.

Rather than a more efficient liquid delivery method, this product uses the capsule delivery method. To reiterate, capsules take longer to produce an effect because they need to travel through the digestive system and lose some of their ingredients in the process. Liquids get to work fast and your body uses almost all the ingredients.

Because this is such a short formula, there’s not much else to say about it. The silver-lining is that it comes with a money-back guarantee so you don’t have to worry too much about wasting your money. For the above reasons, Water Pill takes our #4 spot.


Potassium, Buchu, Uva Ursi, Juniper, Parsley.

 1. Liquid Delivery: No

 2. Ingredients: 2 of 4

 4. Money-Back Guarantee: Yes

 5. 24-Hour Support: No

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